Live and Study in Ávila

Live and Study in Ávila

Vista Panorámica de Ávila en invierno

                                                      Panoramic wiew of Ávila in winter


General information.

The city of Avila, is located in the autonomous community of Castile- Leon region, in the northern part of the Spanish interior, and it is only 115 kilometers far from the west of Madrid.

Avila is a mix of culture and modernity life, is one of the most touristic places in Spain due to the enormous cultural heritage and the richness of its gastronomy. The historic center and the churches outside the city walls have been awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO. In fact, Avila's city walls are the main symbol of the province, they are the best-maintained example of roman walls to be found in Europe.



Educational Information.

Avila has three centers run by the University of Salamanca (State Universities):

The Polytechnic School of Avila, The School of Education and Tourism of Avila, and The School of Nursing. In addiction there are the following centers: Catholic University of Avila, (private university), which offers several degree programs as business administration, law and forestry, The National University of Distance Education, The Official Language School (adjacent to The Polytechnic School of Avila), The School of Arts and Crafts; The Official Conservatory of Music, The Police Academy and The International Centre for Mystical Studies.


The Polytechnic School of Avila: Degrees, Masters and Ph.D education.

The Polytechnic School of Avila offers the following:


Degree in Civil engineering: Here

Degree in geodesy and cartography: Here

Degree in Engineering Technology in Mines and Energy: Here

Double Degree:

Degree in Civil Engineering-Degree in Engineering Technology Mines and Energy: Here


Master in Cartographic Geotechnologies 

PhD program

PhD program in Geotechnology Research and Development


In the Polytechnic School of Ávila the undergraduate degrees are taught in Spanish and on a face mod. The Master in Cartographic Geotechnologies is tough in Spanish and on a semi face mod. The PhD program in Geotechnology Research and Development is taught in Spanish and may be pursued on distance.

Access to University for overseas students

For the processing click here:  Acceso a la universidad para estudiantes extranjeros. 

Prospective students:

Detailed information: Here

Admission of students with foreign university studies.

For the procedures for full or partial college click here: Homologación y reconocimientos. .

PEI Plan

The Integrated Studies Program offers foreign students unique opportunities to register for a wide variety of courses offered throughout the various University of Salamanca degree programs. They can register for a minimum of two and a maximum of six subjects per semester. More information here: PLAN PEI.

Spanish courses in the University of Salamanca.

For more information click here: Cursos de español en la USAL. Cursos de español en Ávila.





Segovia (86 km), the Monastery of the Escorial (75 km) and the Valley of the Fallen (46 kilometers). And, more distant, Salamanca (100 miles) and Madrid (113 km).

Transportation. Avila communications with other provinces.

With Madrid: Bus-Train. (Daily and several round-trip departures, with special rates for monthly bond purchases)
Train Timetable horarios
Bus schedules regular lines Horarios

With Salamanca: Bus-Train. (Daily and several round-trip departures, with special rates for monthly bond purchases)
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 Bus schedules regular line Horarios

Other destinations: Buses and timetables information here. Horarios 



University Residences:

University Residences: General Information
University Residence Arturo Duperier Avda de la Juventud s/n, Phone:
St. Thomas´s Residence (mixed)

Plaza de Granada, 1 Teléfono 920221006,


Miravalle Residence (female) Army Plaza, 9. telephone 920222576, email:
Jorbalán Residence (female) Duque de Alba, 3. Phone: 920 22 61 20
Tellamar Residence (female): San Segundo, 42-44. Phone: 920 21 28 70, email:
"Magistral Antonio de Honcala" Dormitory (male) Avenida de la Inmaculada, 9. Teléfono: 920 35 21 16

Homes for rent:

At the Polytechnic School´s boards you can find cheap apartments (350-600 Euros/month) near to the school or to share between 100-200 Euros/month.

If you want to see prices of rented homes in Avila you can visit the websites

Also you can rent for temporary stays here:




World Heritage.

The city of Avila was declared as National Historic-Artistic in 1984, and awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO in 1985.


To visit

The Cathedral, built between the XII and XV, who worked as a military fort with its front. The basilica of San Vicente. The palace of Don Diego de Avila, dating from the fifteenth century. Finally mention the attractive walled city, which was begun in 1090 and protects a total area of 31 hectares.

puerta del alcazar

Walls of Avila. Puerta del Alcazar.


In early July there is the International Festival of Street Theatre and Circus Arts. Among the museums you can visit in Avila there are the Encarnación Musseum,. The Museum of St. Thomas, The Museum of Oriental Art, The Film Theatre Castile and The Avenue Theatre. The first weekend in September has a medieval market place that occupies the main streets of the old part of the city. During this festival many of the people of Avila are dressed in medieval clothes. Also you can see parades and shows done throughout the day.

folklore en avila



The shopping area is in the center, on the “Calle Mayor”. If you prefer shopping centers here are some of them: the “Boulevard” Mall, just outside the city, which has nearly 100 shops and a Carrefour hypermarket ,the “Galerías de San Roque”, located on the “Paseo de San Roque”, the “Multitienda” mall on the street “Eduardo Marquina”, and the “Maceros” Mall.



To go from spikes we suggest any of the many establishments in the center of the city, inside the wall. The typical dishes of this land are the beans of the Barco de Ávila, Avila´ steak, potatoes revolconas and the sweet buds of Santa Teresa.


Sports City with summer pool, heated pool, tennis courts, paddle tennis and athletics, and a soccer  field and basketball court.

The sports area of the Seminar, which includes heated pool, two soccer fields and playground. Casino´s Club of Avila, which consists of a headquarters and a country club with tennis, swimming pool, jogging tracks ...

Naturavila, an open space where you can play golf, paddle, tennis, horseback riding or make pathways.

Finally, in Avila there are two sports centers: San Antonio and Carlos Sastre.


The festival of Santa Teresa (during October) are opened with the proclamation of the mayor and a celebrity. During the celebration it takes place several concerts, a carnival, bullfights, parades,  hot chocolate and churros. Another important festival is San Segundo, on May the second.


Avila has good communication by buses that travel throughout the city. See how to get to our center in the Location tab of our website:  or Directions



The best place to party is the center and the Vallespín´s street, there you can findnumerous pubs and enjoy the different environments in the same space.


More information about Ávila here:

If you want to contact us directly for more information contact email:

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